Meet our team - Notre équipe

Haza Aheli

Aristic Director of

AHELIA " Artistic Wellness Retreat"

Dancer, Yogi, Choreographer.

Creative soul as a mover and designer.

Kalista Devi

Aerial Dancer and Aerial Yoga teacher.

Fire Performer

Lulu Bellellule

Photographer for life lovers.


Photographer and holistic therapist.


AHELIA "Artistic Wellness Retreat "

Travel & Nature

Welcome to paradise, open your arms and connect with all the natural sounds, dance and purify your soul in water, meditate at the sunset time.

The opportunity to discover a new part of you and of our beautiful planet.


Wake up with a meditative practice, breath exercice and enjoy the yoga morning pratice.

Bring new movements in your body and let your soul dance.


Dance front of a Balinese temple.

Be a wild woman in the jungle.

Here is the unification of travel, practice and art. Through a guided choreography and original concept created by Haza, you will be a creative dancer.

Our photographer team will bring you to a new and positive vision of yourself.

Bring with you photos and videos of an unforgettable moment.

Artistic Wellness Retreat & Dance Movement

Dance - Performance - Yoga - Therapie

Haza Aheli

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Credit Photos : Lulu Bellelule & Elinoi   -   Design :